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Sunday, October 9, 2011

VA - Smells Like Bleach: A Punk Tribute To Nirvana - Cleopatra Records

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

1. Come As You Are - Vibrators
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Blanks 77
3. Stay Away - UK Subs
4. On A Plain - Agent Orange
5. Breed - Total Chaos
6. Nagative Creep - Dee Dee Ramone
7. Lithium - Vice Squad
8. Something In The Way - Burning Brides
9. Scentless Apprentice - Flipper
10. All Apologies - DOA
11. Aneurysm - Dr. Know
12. Dive - I.C.U.

Got this one from the same place as the last one and were at the other end of the quality spectrum with this one. First point of note is that all the bands that I recognise on this collection were around well before Nirvana   and some of them were influential for Kurt Cobain and the boys. Second point of note is that many of these bands were well past their use by date when they recorded these songs. Third point of note is that this is a punk tribute and so doesn't give much scope for creative interpretations of these songs  as was the case on the last comp I reviewed. So what we have is mostly second rate, straight covers of some pretty awesome songs that none of these artists have really added to and some of them have actually butchered the songs they have chosen to destroy. Quite often the shear quality of the music that these tributes try to cover, lifts the interpreting artists to new levels of creativity and gives us some great versions of already great songs, sadly this set is not one of them.Rating 2/5 and will be deleting, would rather listen to the originals.

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