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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sun Ra - Live At The Red Garter 1970 (USA 2013)


This popped up on Nuvoid last week and I knew I had it on the shelf along with quite a lot of the other Transparency releases I procured last year. Nuvoid talks about the historical importance of this recording and the quality of the playing, but he is a muso himself and far more knowing about these things than me. The bugbear here is that this set was mastered from an audience recording and even after mastering for CD still sounds like a Bootleg. Which for me makes it pretty hard to get into the swing of it and makes me wonder why bother when there are so many far superior Ra recordings available, but hey, that's Sun Ra. There is some interesting stuff here amongst the murk and it would have been nice to hear it more clearly. Rating 2/5.

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