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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sun Ra - My Brother The Wind - Volume Two (USA 1971)

The Sun Ra Discography.

So the first Sun Ra CD of the new year arrived this week as I embark of another season of growing my Ra collection. Got around 80 releases so far so I might be over half way now although there are quite a number that haven't been released on CD so I have had to download those ones. "My Brother The Wind" is a cool album title and consists of two separate recording sessions, as do many Ra Releases. The first 6 tracks on this set are from 1969 and at first you'd think you had accidentally picked up a Jimmy Smith CD. All Ra compositions but in a fairly straight up Jazz style with Ra doing the Jimmy Smith on the Organ. All very good stuff with some nice Ra touches and of course some June Tyson vocals on two tracks and some nice solos to keep it interesting. It is far less challenging listening that most Sun Ra. Track 6 gets a lot weirder and primes us up for the rest of the tracks, which were recorded in 1970 and consist of Ra getting quite experimental on his Moog. So lots of weird electronic sounds probably improvised during recording and is a part of Ra's repertoire that is difficult but rewarding and interesting. Rating 3.5/5.

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