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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Evolution Vs Creatism.

The great debate.

So an ongoing sort of conversation on facebook has prompted me to put down my thoughts about this so called controversial debate. From what I have seen and heard so far there appears to be very black and white sides to this argument. Either completely on one side or completely on the other. No in between or compromise from either side. Fair enough, as both sides are poles apart.
    At present I am unsure as to the exact status of Evolution. When I was at school, we were taught about "The THEORY Of Evolution" Now today I know that a theory is a hypothesis that has not yet been scientifically proven beyond doubt via the scientific method.  When doing a google search on "The Theory of Evolution, the first site listed is, of course, the Wikipeadia entry, which is just titled Evolution, NOT The theory of evolution. So without me spending years in study and getting a PhD I am not certain as to weather evolution is still a Theory of if it has indeed moved into the realm of scientific fact. Still, Evolution is the pre-eminent explanation of how life and species got to their present state.
    Although I don't know too much about the full details of the process of evolution, I was taught the basic principle at school and I have no problem accepting this as the process of the advancement of life, so unless someone can present me with undeniable evidence(although nowadays, even the most blatant undeniable evidence of things can be denied by those who so choose too) of an alternative theory of the how life came to be what is is now, then Evolution is for me. 
    Now our current knowledge of the process of evolution may not be perfect or complete(I did come across some rumbling about how Evolution couldn't explain things like The Eye for instance or some stuff about DNA) as humanity does not yet have all the answers about Life, The Universe and everything(unless it really is 42) but it is the best explanation we have right now and it is well supported by current knowledge and the fossil records of our planet. In future it may be refined and built upon as our knowledge advances and like Newtonian Physics and Quantum theory, another layer of science may yet be discovered that expands greatly our knowledge of the process of life but with Evolution still at its root.
    On the other side of the fence(or Ocean in this case) we have the Creationists. From what I have seen most of these people seem to believe that the world and all life on it was created in almost an instant by some sort of supernatural being, Deity or God and their evidence for this is the simple creation myths that were put down mellenia ago in the religious texts that they blindly worship.There isn't a shred of physical evidence that I know of to support these sudden instant appearances of species. Now over the centuries the church has had to do some pretty quick thinking to counteract the new scientific discoveries that kept contradicting their take on reality and over time they have had to come to accept the incontrovertible evidence science had shown them and rethink their doctrines to accommodate the new revelations. Much progress has been made in dissolving this ignorance, so one wonders why the creation myth is still so prevalent? The Bible is NOT the be all and end all authoritative answer to Life, The Universe and everything, it is just a book and it was written by men, men from a far distant time who knew far less about the nature of their world than we do now.
     Ok! So now I have got the Evolutionists on my side and the Creationists against me, let me throw a spanner in the works.
    I believe in an intelligent, self consciousness that is the SOURCE of all life and the physical reality we inhabit.(Notice I didn't Call it GOD). I absolutely believe that there is intelligence behind the the process of life and its Evolution. I do not believe that life is a random and accidental process. On the other hand, I certainly do not believe that there is some interminably ancient bloke upstairs interfering in everyday life, judging us for our behaviours and dishing out punishments and rewards like some psychotic headmaster. My idea of what is "GOD" is a long explanation and may be the thread of another post, but let me finish this post with this; If God is infinite, especially in age, then for "him" to create something via a process that takes billions and billions of our years is but an instant for God.

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