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Monday, May 12, 2014

Guillaume Perret And The Electric Epic - Guillaume Perret And The Electric Epic (Tzadik 2012)

Yep, Tzadik.

The Spotlight series is the newest series on Tzadik Records of which there are only 9 releases so far from 6 bands. I recently aquired the rest of the ones I didn't already have, except the very latest one that just came out last month. The mix of music on these releases is very eclectic as you'd expect from Tzadik nowadays, but the Spotlight releases tend to be more in the "Rock" oriented field. This release is no exception. I have been absorbing the music via a mixed playlist along with several of the other Spotlight releases and I have been very very impresses with what I have been hearing. This set, like so many Tzadik albums, is difficult to pigeonhole but we are presented with a great mix of progressive rock, Jazz and a tinge of world music, the mix sometimes gets quite heavy but there are some more gentle moments that quite impress. This is mostly instrumental music, again like most of the series and I do personally find that I enjoy the songs more on an individual basis in a mixed playlist than I do listening to them in the context of the whole album. Overall though, this is a very good set and gets a rating of 4/5.

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