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Thursday, May 1, 2014

John Zorn - Filmworks XVII (USA 2005)

More Zorn Filmworks.

The collecting of Zorn's filmworks series is turning into a very rewarding endeavor. This volume is the latest to arrive in my mail box and practically hasn't left the CD player since the day it arrived. There are two film scores here mixed throughout the CD. The five Skull pieces from one film are little percussive pieces and although aren't overly impressive on their own, they make nice little interludes between the masterpieces that make up the soundtrack to "Notes On Marie Menken" .The first of these opens the set with a lovely mellow guitar intro from the very talented and all round groovy guy, Jon Madof, before the piece morphs into a very pleasant sort of Eurojazz number. After the first Skull piece we get another cool sounding Euro jazz style track in which the second half of the song we get an extremely awesome extended guitar solo from the aforementioned Madof. Not a bombastic type of "Rock" solo but more reminiscent of Zappa's more involved extended solo's but more laid back. Track 6 "GoGoGo" is an 8 minute free jazz blowout with our man Zorn honking most impressively on his Sax. Very Sun Ra and one of the best I have heard, I really connected with it. The other stand out track, amongst some pretty good company, is track 12 "Arabsque", another with Zorn on sax and has a real cool "Psychedelic" delay effect on the sax and is just a knockout tune. The best filmworks volume I have heard so far and now in my Zorn Top Ten.. Rating 5/5

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