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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fred Frith - Accidental (USA 2002)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Just a bit of a detour from all the Uncut related music and film I have been exploring lately with this piece of  avant garde weirdness from Fred Frith that I found on the Mutant Sounds Blog a while back. This sort of stuff doesn't come across too well on the Ipod while working, although one or two things caught my attention but on closer inspection, especially on the headphones this collection of pieces commissioned for a dance troupe is quite interesting and I am actually quite enjoying the soundscapes created for this project. A lot of strange guitar improvisation and effects mixed with other electronics and even weird vocal noises make this strange music quite compelling and has a real late night vibe. A couple of pieces don't quite impress and the vocal noises on "Absinthe Memories (For Phil Minton)" are quite annoying but overall I am enjoying this set and can rate it 3/5.

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