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Friday, May 25, 2012

Igor Wakhevitch - Docteur Faust (France 1971)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Aimantation
2. Materia Prima
3. Eau Ardente
4. Tenebres (Walpurgis)
5. Licornes
6. Sang Pourpe

This incredible recording comes to me via the very first post on the mighty "Mutant Sounds" Blog and it may well be the best and most fantastic thing in the whole 3000 odd posts of weird and obscure music they have there. Anyhow this second album from this French avant-garde composer comes from the six CD set"Donc...", which has almost all that this obscure fella released.

I had this on the hard drive for quite a while and had sampled some of the music from the above set briefly some time ago and had got a good sense from that short exposure of the quality of Wakhevitch's music. After reading an interesting description the other day of "Docteur Faust", I was looking forward the the opportunity of giving it a real blast through the big speakers on the Cyrus. Tonight that opportunity presented itself as Mrs. Roddus was in the city for the evening. I duly positioned my listening chair in front of the speakers, turned up the volume and set the thing playing on the laptop. No doubt the neighbours are now looking through the phone book for a real-estate agent to sell their house and get as far away from the loud strangeness emanating from next door. What an incredible mind-fuck of an album this is, even 40 years later. The breadth of musical styles mixed into this wonderful cacophony makes John Zorn look musically narrow minded. Running the gauntlet from psychedelic rock to electronic weirdness to Musique concrète, this short set never lets up in its mind-blowing soundscapes. A quite unique listening experience and one of the most powerful and impressive pieces of avant-garde music I have ever heard.5/5

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