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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Public Image Ltd - This Is PIL (USA 2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

1. “This Is PiL”
2. “One Drop”
3. “Deeper Water”
4. “Terra-Gate”
5. “Human”
6. “I Must Be Dreaming”
7. “It Said That”
8. “The Room I Am In”
9. “Lollipop Opera”
10. “Fool”
11. “Reggie Song”
12. “Out Of The Woods”

So I have been checking out some latest releases that were reviewed in my latest issue of Uncut Magazine for my review purposes and seeing what might be my next CD purchases, during which I stumbled upon this new set from our old mate John Lydon. Not actually released yet but I was very interested to see what P.I.L were up to in the 21st Century and what Johnny Rotten had to say after 20 years since their last proper album, but when this started playing on the Ipod at work I was quickly disappointed with what I was hearing. Musically the set was OK, the usual P.I.L Stuff, nothing revelatory or overly exciting but it appears John doesn't have much to say these days except blowing his own trumpet on the title track over and over again and getting pretty annoying on the likes of “Lollipop Opera” and some other tracks. John has also lost most of that Johnny Rotten sneer and high pitched whine that made hime so distinctive in the past and sounds like some normal old bloke now. Overall this set sounds like the old codger is just putting out some product to help the cashflow. Rating 2/5.

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