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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beit: Masada Volume Two (USA 1994) (DIW Japan 1994)

Masada Book One

Volume two of the original Masada book is another high powered set of John Zorn's Klezmer infused take on Ornette Coleman's classic jazz. "Piram" kicks of the set in great fashion with it's chaotic sax and trumpet, although I have heard it better on the live albums. "Hadasha" is the set highlight and is a slow burning and magnificently laid back affair. "Lachish" is another that I prefer the live version and is far more avant-garde and free sounding than the first two and "Rachab" is slower but is one of those European sounding pieces that feels like it never gets going and doesn't flow smoothly, but not too bad a track, there are plenty of interesting things going on. "Peliyot" has one of those excellent Masada Greg Cohen Bass grooves although it's not backed up by equally groovy brass, which is more chaotic. And so it goes, as the rest of the album continues along these lines, a mixed set of quality jazz but somewhat more chaotic sounding than the first volume. Not as many great melodies to really get the attention but another great volume in this series. Rating 3.5./5.

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