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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Devo - Freedom Of Choice (USA 1980)

Off The Shelf.

Here's one from the archive. The CD version of the 3rd album I ever owned, bought for me by my mother for Xmas as "Whip It" was the big hit off this disc and I was right into it. I loved this album then and 33 years later, I am still digging it and still can sing along with most of the lyrics. I am quite suprised to the recording quality, this being probably the first time I have dusted this off since I bought the Cyrus about 9 Years ago. This early example of electro pop was firmly rooted in 60 pop but seeded with disco influences to produce a collection of outstanding catchy 3 minute pop songs but with Devo's quirky offbeat style. Side one was always the side that got hammered when I was a teen, it definitely had the best songs,and side two was a little more offbeat and so didn't quite gel with this 14 year old. Listening now, I still prefer side one but can appreciate the technicalities of the songs on side two.  It's so great to dust off something like this and just totally re-connect with the music in the moment and this just fitted so well tonight. If you have never heard this then get it Now. Rating 5/5. 

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