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Monday, January 1, 2018

Band of Horses - Everything All The Time - Sub Pop SPCD 690 - USA 2006 (CD)

I just dragged this CD off the rack and blew off the dust and give it a spin  or two. This was a record that I brought on  the strength of the excellent "The Funeral" which I heard on one of the UNCUT Magazine's  Sampler CDs. Another of those bands that I only ever picked up the one Album from but never followed the rest of their career, not that they don't deserve more of my attention, but time, you know. I am not usually a great fan of jangly indi-pop, but these guys are at the top of the heap with this, their first album, a laid back, slightly acoustic affair with some lovely quiet moments like  "Augustine" and the banjo led "Monsters" and some great alternative pop with "Our Swords, "The Great Salt Lake " and of course the "Funeral". Not overly commercial, which I like, but in an ideal world they would get a lot more radio play than they properly do(not that I listen to the radio much nowadays). A strong album from start to finish. and at 36 minutes of seventies sensibility,another one that doesn't overstay its welcome. My Rating 4.5/5

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