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Monday, January 1, 2018

Into Orbit - Caverns - Self Released IOR001 - New Zealand 2014 (Vinyl)

The first album from this duo of guitar and drums, playing what is termed "Post Rock". Rock based instrumental songs with most of them having a quiet almost atmospheric intro before kicking into heavy riffs and solos. Into Orbit hail from Wellington and are just one of many "Post Rock" type bands from around the country. Good musicians writing pretty strong material, I actually prefer the album more than when I saw them play live last year(I bought the LP from them at that gig). This album is definitely a grower as I get more familiar with the tunes and is a pretty good effort for what is probably only a semi pro band. I think they may be one of the more higher profile bands of this type in New Zealand and deservedly so. Rating 3.5/5

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