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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bob Dylan - Together Through Life (USA 2009)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Uncle Bob's latest album of new originals from 2009 kicks off with a great mid tempo blues which I think suits Bob's gruff croon very well. "Life is Hard" is a much slower croon in keeping with the age of our troubadour, a  sort of folk jazz number. "My Wife's Home Town" recalls the ghost of Howlin' Wolf and with a lyric about Hell being his spouses home town. Things stay on the up n' up quality wise with the next track swinging with a touch of Zydeco. And so on goes the rest of this set staying consistently good and not straying too far from the formula already presented, some nice subtle guitar licks permeating the album and plenty of swinging going on, especially on "Jolene". Nothing here to get overtly excited about though, Just Bob doing what Bob does and making a pretty good record in the process. Rating 3/5

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