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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Uncut Magazine Take 30 November 1999

Uncut Take 30 November 1999

Another of the very early Uncut Magazines I picked up second hand earlier this year and from this issue I have dug out albums by: Stereolab, David Bowie, Nine Inch nails, Iggy Pop, It's A Beautiful Day, Gomez, Paul McCartney, Primal Scream, The Charlatans(UK), Hawkwind, Eurythmics, Blur and Duke Ellington, and of course not to mention the Free CD that came with the magazine. I have decided to forgo the movies from now on as I am struggling to find the time, unless there is one that must be watched, but so far I haven't found any that are must watch.

 This Issues Free CD is the usual great playlist of good music and this months worthy mentions first must be the totally brilliant "Low Rider", one of the meanest down home deep funk records ever committed to vinyl and very familiar to me from the days when Cheech and Chong were my movie heroes. I feel the Roy Ayres track deserves a mention as it is a great piece of Jazz rock which I enjoy a lot. Another song deserves mention, but this time for the other reason that is is quite possibly the worst song I have heard on an Uncut CD, take a bow Kevin Rowland for your most turgid song I have heard in a long time, though someone must like it for it to be included here. Johnny Thunder's "Chinese Rocks" is another classic slab of late 70s punk and one I also know well from some old compilation I use to own.
Anyhow, some interesting stuff here but considering the quality of the artists chosen, a little disappointing overall but still a great playlist to have ticking away in the background like most Uncut CDs. Rating 3/5

Stereolab - Cobra & Phases Play Voltage in the Milky Night (UK 1999)
This issue had an article on Stereolab in response to the recent release of this their 7th album. Indie pop firmly rooted in Krautrock and sung in French on several tracks sticks to the formula for this talented group. I like their sound and style and they have created an interesting and enjoyable sound but overall this album lacks the quality of some of the other stuff they have done and so as there is so much better albums to listen to from this band, I think I will delete this set and enjoy the others instead. That's not to say this is a bad album in of it's self and the quality of the music is intricate and interesting but not essential. Rating 2.5/5
David Bowie - Earthling (UK 1997)
I guess with such an awesome and big selling back catalogue as Bowie, you can do as you like later in life. This album sees the Thin White Duke trying hard to stay hip with the younger audience by incorporating Techno and jungle beats into his songs with not particularly out standing results. I found some interesting lyrics in places and even sounds like Nine Inch Nails in other places but the music is sterile and boring and doesn't hold my interest at all. I picked out this set due to a review of David's "Hours" Album which was reviewed in this issue and as I didn't have that one I elected to check out this one instead as it was his previous release and now I will delete it from my hard drive. My rating 2/5.

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