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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jerker Kluge's Deep Jazz - The Meeting (2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Little Sunflower (9:03)
2. The Meeting (6:02)
3. No Doubt (5:51)
4. Movement (6:01)
5. Mystic Sky (8:29)
6. Don't Get Drowned (4:32)
7. Invisible (6:31)
8. Coincidence of Circumstance (4:23)
9. East & West (5:25)
10.Spirits Up Above (4:48)
11.Autumn Sun (6:25)

Time for a bit of jazz in my life just for a bit of a change and I recently came across this little gem and thought it worth checking out for a listen. I don't usually get too excited about vocal Jazz and if I'd realised I probably would has passed this set buy. It's a good thing I didn't. This lot has been swinging on the ipod at work for several days and I must say I'm very impressed. Some groovy vocals here but with some very very good boppin' over the extended tracks. Superb playing on this upbeat jazz and one that looks like it will have to go on my Amazon shopping list. Rating 4.5/5.


Jerker Kluge said...

Hi Roddus,
thanks a lot for your review, I really appreciate it!
For all your readers: You can listen to the whole album here and even download a free track:

Keep on! Best wishes,

Roddus said...

Thanks for dropping by Jerker and keep up the good playing. The Little Sunflower is a tour de force and I think it is the best track.