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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dirty Projectors - Bittie Orca (USA 2009)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Cannibal Resource (3:54)
2. Temecula Sunrise (5:05)
3. The Bride (2:49)
4. Stillness Is The Move (5:14)
5. Two Doves (3:41)
6. Useful Chamber (6:28)
7. No Intention (4:17)
8. Remade Horizon (3:55)
9. Fluorescent Half Dome (5:45)

Working my way through a backlog of recent releases picked out of some recent back issues of Uncut Magazine that I picked up second hand in my local music shop. Dirty Projectors are well regarded and so I thought I would check this out as it got a fairly strong review. Fairly standard contemporary indie pop/rock, which means lots of influences blended together and well crafted and recorded songs which make for a generally OK album of this sort of music. A couple of moments that somewhat impress but not too much here that really inspires me or likely to hear all over the radio either. Time to move on to something else. Rating 2/5.

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