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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assa Cica - Assa Cica LP AF004 (Benin)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review
African music month
a1. Mi Man So Gbeme We Fide (6:30)
a2. Zaedo Kin Lokode (6:49)
b1. E Non De Nouwe (7:09)
b2. Se Na Blo (4:47)
b3. Assou Ve Nou Min (5:02)
 Another album I struggled to enjoy today, this solo album from Assa Cica is slow and mellow reggae tinged afro pop and leaves me pretty bored. Not as dismal as yesterdays reviewed album and the opening track is quite pleasant and there are some nice guitar lines throughout the album. Still pretty unmoved and only worth a Roddus rating of 2/5.

Have a listen for yourself here


Anonymous said...

yes i met Assa in Brixton; we chatted in Electric Avenue for several minutes and exchanged contacts. thanks for the article - sorry you weren't a little more positive about the wonderful man.
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Models From The Earth

Roddus said...

Hi Thelonius,

I'm sure Assa is a nice fellow, if you say so but I wasn't being negative about the man, just saying that this particular album didn't really appeal to me that much.