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Friday, October 5, 2012

Clout - The Best of Clout (South Africa 1994)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day

I spotted this on a blog recently and being described as an all girl rock band from South Africa circa 1977 caught my interest and so I downloaded it for a listen. I had never heard of them, although the blurb on the blog mentioned their world wide hit "Substitute", which also went to No.1 here, It still didn't ring any bells for me. This set kicks off with that aforementioned hit and when I heard the first few seconds, I felt instant recognition and a slight cringe, but as the song progressed and kicked into gear I recognised it for the great and catchy little classic it is. Clout is a terrible name for a all girl pop/rock band, sounds more like some kind of Seattle Grunge band, but these girls produced a sort of disco tinged pop with rock learnings and at times I felt they may have being trying to compete with ABBA. Now that in itself should be enough to get me running screaming from the room, but this best of ... set actually isn't all that bad and I am quite enjoying it. I would have hated this music 25 years ago but it has aged remarkably well and I am going to rate this set 3.5/5.

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