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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skream - Skream (UK 2006)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day

"Tortured Soul"
"Midnight Request Line"
"Blue Eyez"
"Check It" (featuring Warrior Queen)
"Dutch Flowerz"
"Tapped" (featuring JME)
"Summer Dreams"
"Emotionally Mute"

I can't remember how I found this album but it is an early example of a slow tempo electronic music called dubstep. I have several compilations of dubstep that I brought after hearing this but I still find this the most enjoyable example of the genre that I have heard. Although I don't really listen to much modern electronica, it is refreshing to find the occasional example that I enjoy listening to. This particular example has plenty of deep groovers with some nice jazzy sax on some trax, especially the extended acid groove of "Summer Grooves". "Blur Eyes" is another standout track amongst a pretty good set. Overall Rating 4/5.

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