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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Warren Zevon - Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School (USA 1980)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day.

I had spotted one of those 5 CD Original album Series box sets with the name Warren Zevon on the front and remembered him from one of the flats I inhabited in my younger days where a Flatmate had one of  Warren's Albums and use to play it alot. I didn't buy it then but thought next time I see it I will. After several sightings of other sets in the series I finally came across Warren again and duly purchased aforementioned box set.
This Album lasted most of the day on the iPod and this Springsteenian type American rock is an enjoyable mix. I like the albums title and all the songs stand up well after repeated listens. Several songs make me feel like being in a western movie, especially "Jeannie Needs A Shooter". There is also a great cover of the fabulous Yardbirds song "A Certain Girl". Warren was an underappreciated artist and I rate this set 4/5.

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