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Friday, October 5, 2012

Suicide Bombers – Criminal Record (Norway 2012)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day part 2

01. Trailer History-Is About To Begin 01:15
02. Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll 03:30
03. Easy Access 04:03
04. Napalm Heart 04:31
05. This Time Tomorrow 03:27
06. Smoke & Mirrors 04:43
07. High On Explosives 03:17
08. Electric Fire 04:06
09. Bombers En Vogue 03:40
10. Teenage Breakdown 04:23
11. Cindy 03:44
12. Princess Socialite 04:06
13. Riot 03:38
14. Outro:.. Over & Motherfucking Out! 00:45

Van Halen are alive and well and living in Norway. Well not quite, but this album looked interesting enough to download from the blog I spotted it on for a listen and including the aforementioned Van Halen, the other maybe more relevant comparison would be Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction. Anyhow this is balls out moronic hard rock/heavy metal firmly rooted in the 1980s and shouldn't be taken at all seriously but just enjoyed for the shear thrill of it all. Great sound, great playing, pretty good songs, average singer but an enjoyable set and gets my rating of 3.5/5.And play fucken loud.

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