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Friday, March 15, 2013

Damien Youth - Festival of Death (USA?1995)

Mutant Sounds Album Of The Week

1. Strange (3:07)
2. Distant Star (2:56)
3. I'm Afraid (2:01)
4. Carolyn Grey (4:01)
5. Dead Flowers (3:03)
6. Aries Child (2:26)
7. God of Violence (6:23)
8. Sex Cult (5:41)
9. The Priest (5:06)
10.Ghost of Semarias (4:32)
11.Holy Circle (3:38)
12.Final Orisen to His People (3:23)
13.I Plant the Seed (4:01)
14.The Serpent and the Fool (5:32)
15.Lover's Mask (3:48)

More obscure weirdness from MS Blog, although this release is much more accessible than a lot of the other music on that blog.  This guy records and releases his own music and this particular Cassette release kicks off in a psychedelic folksy way and could take a bow to Sid Barrett. The recordings are pretty lofi but he has a good voice, with some impressive vocal melodies on the first part of this album which sounds much like a Demo recording with the songs sounding quite impressive but much in need of a producer and a professional recording studio, plenty of unrealised potential. After the first 5 tracks proceed along in a similar style as described above, track 6 acts as a transition song, being a slow number but sounding very Gothic and leads us into the next part of this set where things get much more heavy with "God Of Violence" taking us in to a sort of Gothic industrial metal direction. Things sort of take a turn for the worst at this point, although again there is potential in these songs. After this 4 track interlude we are back to the folksy songs again which all sound vocally similar to the earlier ones and I really start to lose interest in this music. Essentially sounds like a demo recording, very lofi but full of potential if these songs were recorded professionally. Rating 2/5.  

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