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Friday, March 15, 2013

Massive Attack - Protection (UK 1994)

Uncle Roddus CD of The Week

This is a highly rated album and was familiar to me from various best of lists and reviews and the fact that I had one of the songs on one of my Triple J compilations from back then. Because of this, I finally decided to pick up a copy one day some time back, possible on one of my Warehouse binges. Has sat in the CD shelf, pretty much unlistened since I obtained it. It's been difficult to assign it much time this week with other new arrivals distracting me but I'll give it a brief review.
The music is a bass heavy blend of Hip-Hop/dance/electronica with similarities to Trip-Hop i.e Portishead. Whatever you want to call this music, Massive Attack were at the pinnacle and  this album is a fine set of songs. I'm not gonna rave about this, it is good, I enjoy it, the beats are good, the vocals are good and the effects and samples make for an interesting album. Maybe slightly overated or perhaps not aged all that well, this is not an album that will spend a lot of time in my CD player but is good enough to be a keeper and get dusted off once in a while for a late night listen.Rating 3/5.

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