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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Glitterhouse - The Colour (USA 1968)

Rare MP3 Album Of The Week

1.Tinkerbell's Mind (4:44)
2.Princess Of The Gingerland (4:23)
3.Sassafrass And Cinnamon (4:10)
4.Child Of Darkness (Journey Of A Child Traveler) (4:23)
5.I Lost Me A Friend (4:15)
6.Times Are Getting Hard (3:47)
7.Where Have You Been Hiding (2:52)
8.Hey Woman (3:59)
9.Happy To Have You Here Again (3:36)
10.Barbarella (Bonus Track) (2:42)
11.Love Drags Me Down (Bonus Track) (3:43)
12.I Love All The Love In You (Bonus Track) (3:50)
13.Rumpelstiltskin (Bonus Track) (2:24)
14.Ode To An Unknown Girl (Bonus Track) (2:04)
15.Alice In Wonderland (Bonus Track) (2:30)
16.So Many Roads (Bonus Track) (2:52)
17.New York Blues (Bonus Track) (3:40)
18.Born To The Blues (Bonus Track) (2:09)
19.It's Going To Take Some Time (Bonus Track) (1:49)
20.Grandma, Why Do You Live In Harlem? (Bonus Track) (4:08)
21.Going Home (Bonus Track) (4:58)
22.Rainbow Child (Bonus Track) (3:28)
23.For Ann, Liz And Harvee (Bonus Track) (3:14)

"Tinkerbell's Mind" is one of those idiosyncratic psychedelic pop ditties that you find on one of those compilations of lost 60s English Psychedelic pop. Its a cool track with lyrics that generate a smirk and some nice psych guitar. The other 8 tracks that made up the original album from 1968 are also a good listen and although not essential, are certainly entertaining and enjoyable. Very British, quintessential psychedelic pop. The rest of this extended set is a mixed bag of stuff but has some worthwhile tracks.
Rating 2.5/5.

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