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Friday, March 15, 2013

John Zorn - Rimbaud (USA 2012)

Uncle Roddus New CD of The Week

Saving the best till last, here is the latest John Zorn arrival from Amazon. Another of the many releases from 2012, this particular album has surprised me as to how much I actually like it. I was a bit apprehensive about this one after reading reviews and descriptions because this release has 4 extended pieces from Zorn all in a different style. The first track is one of his classical pieces, the usual chaotic sounding style in which he writes in this genre but one that I have enjoyed more so than some of his others. The second track gets right into some serious industrial noise and effects and again one whose atmospherics and electronics has really resonated with me, in both cases above I couldn't for the life of me tell you why. I'm sure the music description in the above image will explain far better than I can but the third track is more into the jazz side of things and is a most impressive Free piano recital. The set closes with what they call a Game piece, and consists of John creating sound effects on various instruments backing readings from the text of Arthur Rimbaud and another track that just works and I have enjoyed very much. Overall I am very very impressed, Zorn, coming up to his 60th birthday this year is at the peak of his powers. I can't wait for the next CD to arrive in the mail.5/5

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