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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sun Ra - Jazz By Sun Ra(aka Sun Song) (USA 1957)

1. Brainville
2. Call For All Demons
3. Transition
4. Possession
5. Street Named Hell
6. Lullaby For Realville
7. Future
8. Swing A Little Taste
9. New Horizons
10. Fall Off The Log
11. Sun Song

Although not the earliest recordings by Sun Ra, this was Ra and his Arkestra's first full LP, recorded in 1956 and originally released on Transition TRLP J-10 in 1957(See first image above). Ra had recorded several singles and made other recordings with different groups and in different styles from the late 40s most of which would turn up on later releases. The second set of images above are from the Delmark DL-411 (1967) release. The version I have on CD if from the Real Gone Jazz boxset of 4 Sun Ra albums of which I recently acquired and mentioned in an earlier post.
Anyhow, this is the set that kicked off a very long and varied recording career with a discography second only to John Zorn in size. Robert L. Campbell's difinitive discography lists over 130 albums.
This album finds Ra in full swing mode with the Arkestra, mostly played straight but tinged with that slight eccentricity that distinguished Ra's early recordings from the rest of the scene. Its' a great album with strong tracks that really get the toe tapping and I feel is one of his better late 50s efforts that captures my attention throughout. This style of music isn't something I get into in a big way but I think it is a great introduction to Sun Ra. Rating 4.5/5.

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