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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cloudy Hill/Mount Lyndon - 25th January 2014

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary: Tramp No.141
Cloudy Hill/Mount Lyndon - 25th January 2014.

With the summers weather so far thwarting many a tramp, 22 keen trampers turned up after this trip got moved to Saturday, as Sundays forecast wasn't at all promising for a pleasant day in the mountains. We got a pleasantly warm day with a slight Nor' west wind as we accumulated at the start of the access road to Porters Heights sky field. First order of the day was a short but rather steep ascent up to point 917 to get the sweat flowing and the breathing laboured. After regrouping and attempting a headcount, we continued on via point 1014 onto Cloudy hill with a scrog stop on the way. The views of the Cragiburn range and Castle Hill Valley were impressive and enjoyed by all before setting off to point 1456 via point 1345. Here we had lunch checking out the views down into the Porter river and lake Coleridge in the distance. The drop down onto the saddle between point 1456 and Mt Lyndon was fairly rapid for some as the scree was passable but a little hard underneath. We accumulated at the saddle while the rest of the group caught up before the painful climb back up the 200M in scree to the summit of Mt Lyndon, where we again enjoyed the vistas offered us by our hard work. It was a easy descent back down the hill to Lake Lyndon with some soft scree runs again assisting those keen screers to get down fairly quickly. The day wasn't too long with us being back at the cars by about 2:30pm.

Accumulating at the start of our journey with part of our destination in the background.

Climbing above the highway.

Accumulating at point 917.

The main highway towards lake Lyndon.

Still climbing with the Torelesse Range in the background.

Accumulating on Cloudy Hill.

Uncle Roddus on Cloudy Hill.

Our lunch time view.

Coming down to the saddle.

Climbing back up onto Mount Lyndon.

A shot of where we had been.

Lake Lyndon.

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