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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sun Ra - Strange Worlds (AKA Solar Myth Approach Vol.1-2) (USA 1972/2005)

The Sun Ra Discography.

Had this sitting in the draft folder for quite a while as I took a break from Ra's music. I think this was the last Ra Purchase I made last year after probably adding about half of his vast catalogue to my collection. So after a busy day harvesting Vegetables from my garden, mowing my rather large lawns and catching up with some music and blog entires, I am sitting here listening to Ra making some interesting noodlings on some kind of weird sounding electronic keyboard instrument, after opening the first disc with a cool version of "Ancient Ethiopia". The "Strange Worlds" release is actually  the two volumes of "The Solar Myth Approach" from 1971-72, Volume 2 is on disc one and volume 1 is on disc2 and the tracks are all mixed up, but all the titles from the original releases are here and the whole set is pretty far out and weird and quite a mix of the different aspects of Ra's cannon. All pretty cool and enjoyable if somewhat challenging. Rating 3.5/5.

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