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Sunday, January 19, 2014

John Zorn - Shir Hashirim - (Tzadik USA 2013)

John's last release of the year.

An all female a capella album not unlike the Mycale "Book Of Angels" volume. As the blurb above states, this is a real mix of influences and on first casual listens the atmosphere of Plainchant is obvious, but there is no actual singing on this release. Instead each track is constructed using the voices as if they were musical instruments. It is beautifully done and there are some recognisable melodies from other Zorn music but presented in a different way. It is most impressive, but I find it all starts to sound the same across the whole set, also I have a difficulty of certain resonances created by the combination and pitch of the voices that makes for hard work to listen to. Makes nice background music and is certainly an impressive achievement. Rating 3/5.

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