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Saturday, January 18, 2014

John Zorn - In Lambeth—Visions From The Walled Garden Of William Blake (Tzadik USA 2013)

John Zorn's December 2013 Release.

Phew! More Zorn. Zorn's Gnostic Trio recordings are not my favourites, the combination of harp, Vibes/Bells and guitar is too mellow sounding for me although this recording is fleshed out with some subtle electronics from Ikue Mori. Certainly some of Zorn's more accessible music, jazz flavoured and quite laid back, makes good background music though and certainly isn't unpleasant but not one I will revisit a lot. Rating 2.5/5

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ebeka said...

That's the exact same thing that happens to me with The Gnostic Trio, you chose the words I've always had in mind.
This is my very first comment in your blog. I must say that I'm a regular visitor; always looking forward to read your concise reviews.
I would like to run my own music blog too, but unfortunately I just can steal your scans and add them to my virtual[pirated] collection for the moment.

Thanks for what you do.