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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jacques Demierre : Breaking Stone (Tzadik USA 2013)

More Tzadik music.

I am really starting to get quite a collection of  21st century "Classical" music through these Tzadik releases. most of it isn't anything like the classical music we all know from the 18th and 19th centuries and I am enjoying most of these different type of compositions.
This particular release opens with an impressive 3 part  solo piano piece that is fast in tempo and quite minimalist in structure, especially the second movement. I like it a lot. Things get a lot weirder on "Sumpatheia" which is a very sparse piece with no melody and random sounding noises from the duo of violin and guitar, neither of which are played in any conventional way on a lot of this composition. A lot of plucking sounds from the guitar. Not really my thing and neither is the title piece, which is 40 minutes of the composer making very weird vocal sounds and occasional tinklings on his piano, I have not been able to sit through the whole piece yet. A disappointing release for me apart from the excellent opening piece and get a rating of 2/5. 

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