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Saturday, January 18, 2014

John Zorn - On The Torment Of Saints, The Casting Of Spells And The Evocation Of Spirits (Tzadik USA 2013)

The latest John Zorn Arrivals.

Well, Old Zornie has bee a very busy boy of late(isn't he always) with 4 new CDs released over the last couple of months and another 4 releases over the first 3 months of the new year. That as well as just completing his 60th birthday celebrations and the exciting news about the upcoming premiere of another Book of Masada songs. Looking forward to some possible releases from the Birthday celebrations and the possibility of another volume of the Book Of Angles sometime in the near future, it's gonna be a big year for Zorn Music again.
Anyhow, catching up with the latest arrivals in my letter box, starting with this set of classical pieces. I am really not qualified to say too much about this music but I am enjoying these pieces, especially "The Tempest" which starts off with some thunderous percussion and is carried along by some impressive jazz like drumming.  All three pieces are recent compositions with "All Hallow's Eve" being an impressive trio piece that is quite violent in the last movement. The Temptartion of ST. Anthony is for a larger group and like the other compositions, is keeping me interested. I think Zorns "Classical" music is getting better and better and I am enjoying this set a lot. Rating 4/5.

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