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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull (USA 2013)

The other stadium Band I like.

Since they hit the big time, each new album, on initial listens, gets me to thinking that they have gone too commercial and they lost their initial Mojo etc, etc... and this will be the last KOL album I buy, but, as before, after several casual listens I suddenly find my self going, thats a good song and I really like  that track as they crop up on my itunes playlist of recent albums purchased. And so another KOL worms its way into my affections and shows that these guys, a bit like Pearl Jam, have settled into a successful formula that works very well and provides some good rock music for the 21st century. There are not many other contemporary rock bands that impress me enough to keep buying their albums but KOL and PJ certainly do. Rating 4/5. 

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