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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

John Zorn's Book Of Angels Volume 11 - Zaebos - Medeski, Martin & Wood (USA 2008)

Masada Book Two

I had high expectations for this release. I had already been introduced to Medeski, Martin and Wood via their Live At Tonic CD, of which I was very impressed and so was quite excited by the prospect of this volume. My first listen after it arrived in my mailbox was quite disappointing and underwhelming and it has kinda tainted my opinion of this set ever since,OK it didn't set my world alight. On closer inspection I will lift my appraisal somewhat and concede that this is a pretty good set and there is plenty here to  enjoy on closer inspection and familiarisation. Of course the musicianship is first class and the songs are exemplary. The style is a rock/jazz fusion played by this power Trio of bass, drums and keyboards and Medeski always impresses on them keys. Nothing here really stands out but this is a another good set to add to this series and doesn't let the side down. My Rating 3.5/5.  

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