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Monday, June 3, 2013

Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II (USA 2007)

Off The Shelf

The Opening track, "Beautiful Bluebird" kicks things off with a laid-back country folk with harmonica which takes us back to the opening track of "Harvest". That is a good thing. Makes me think I'm in for some quality music here. And we are, "Boxcar" continues the Classic Neil country sound before we get the first of Neil's modern Epics in the 18 minute "Ordinary People" which sounds more Crazy Horse. An Excellent extended rock out with some great brass moments. There is another 14 minute rocking epic near the close of the album of just as good quality and some more of the laid-back country tunes on the rest of the set all of a quality as good as the earlier ones. This overall makes for an overall very good set and probably the best album since Harvest Moon in 92'. Rating 4/5.

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