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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Exploited - Beat the Bastards (UK 1996)

Roddus Album of The Day

1. Beat The Bastards (4:20)
2. Affected By Them (3:04)
3. Don't Blame Me (5:00)
4. Law For The Rich (3:20)
5. System Fucked Up (2:48)
6. They Lie (2:45)
7. If You're Sad (5:20)
8. Fightback (3:25)
9. Massacre Of Innocents (4:00)
10 Police TV (3:44)
11.Sea Of Blood (3:57)
12.Serial Killer (6:45)
13.15 Years (3:05)
And now for something completely different. Hardcore UK punk from this surprisingly long lived legendary Glasgow outfit. The blurred lines and subtle differences between hardcore punk and  thrash metal are sometimes hard to discern on this well recorded and adrenalin pumping album, but it defiantly falls mostly into the hardcore basket and a pretty good later example of the genre. Their Debut "Punks Not Dead" from around 1980 is one of my all time favorite punk albums and I annoyed the hell out of the neighbours many many times with it when I was in my early teens, Mum hated it too. This album may not have any classic stand out tracks but overall is a strong and enjoyable album. Play loud and your mother will hate it too. My rating 3.5/5
Check it out Here

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