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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fela Kuti and Africa 70 - Roforofo Fight (Nigeria 1972)

A Roddus Album of The Day

Fela was to Afrofunk what Bob Marley was to Reggae, Muddy Waters was to Blues and Louis Armstrong was to Jazz. A creative legend, a powerful musician and composer and politically active in the political cauldron of His home of Nigeria. Jazz and funk infused with African rhythms along with the cool pidgin English used deliberately to help his music speak to both his native brothers and the bigger world that wants to listen, And who wouldn't want to listen to this brilliant and evocative music. Rhythm to feed your feet and lyrics to feed your head, Fela's extended jams never stop grooving and never get boring, always so much happening. The standout track is the irresistible title track who's melodys were instantly recognisable to me when I first heard it because others had borrowed from it to infuse in their own music. The rest is all so good and I wish i had more time to wax elegant about it's wonderfulness , but alas time is against me and i will just have to give it my Roddus Rating of 5/5

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