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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exuma - Exuma II (USA 1970)

Roddus Album Of The Day

1. Damn Fool (4:17)
2. Baal (6:37)
3. Paul Simon Nontooth (5:32)
4. Fire In The Hole (7:02)
5. A Place Called Earth (6:32)
6. We Got To Go (2:59)
7. African Rhythm (4:48)
8. Zandoo (4:50)
 In all the annals of contemporary music, there ain't nothing like this. A totally unique sound from this second album of tribal/African/voodoo/experimental sounding music blended with a touch of folk and weird soul into this exceptional platter. Difficult to describe whats going on here but it's good, very good. tongue in cheek stuff here as well the voodoo stuff  and his singing(think Blind Willie Johnson on acid), is so much a part of what sets this apart. One of  the best albums you have probably never heard, so change that now and see if you agree with my 4.5/5 rating.
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