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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis (UK 2012)

An Uncle Roddus daily album review.

A new Dead Can Dance album(the first in 15 years)was always going to to be a must listen for me. I have been most impressed by some of their earlier material, although I haven't given them much thought for some time.
The quality of this recording is of the usual DCD high standards and the Medieval Gothic and ethnic sounding pieces on this set are what you would expect from Brendan and Lisa. Haunting, enchanting, dark and quite unique, this music sounds most impressive on the Cyrus via headphones, although as casual listening on the iPod at work today I was ready to listen to something else by lunch time. The sort of music that requires more dedicated concentrated listening to reap the rewards and although I am enjoying this, I'm still not convinced I really need to buy it. Roddus Rating of 3.5/5.

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