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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dr John - The Sun, Moon and Herbs (USA 1971)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day.

So, on a recent shopping spree I picked up several more of the Original Album Series Box sets and due to my recent purchase of Dr Johns Latest album, "Locked Down" and the fact that I was at least vaguely familiar with some of his earlier stuff,  this promptly fell into my shopping basket.
This unusual blend of soul, funk, New Orleans R n' B, blues, jazz and Cajun is something else and I struggle to think of any comparisons. The songs are complex and  busy, and although do kind of follow traditional song structure, they are not overly catchy or poppy. That doesn't mean they are difficult to listen too but I did find myself wanting to move onto something else by morning tea today. Revisiting this tonight I don't find myself immediatly effected by this music but I have a feeling that repeated concentrated attention may reveal more to this music and should increase my affection for it, although I think this is an acquired taste. Rating 3/5.

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