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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VA - Angola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound of Luanda 1968-1978 (Analog Africa No.9) (2010)

Uncle Roddus Album of the Day.

Mamukueno - “Rei do Palhetinho” 3:10
Os Kiezos - “Comboio” 3:35
Jovens Do Prenda - “Ilha Virgem” 3:45
Zé Da Lua - “Ulungu Wami” 2:50
Os Bongos - “Pachanga Maria” 3:20
Dimba Diangola - “Tira Sapato” 2:55
Santos Júnior - “N´Gui Banza Mama” 4:25
N´Goma Jazz - “Mi Cantando Para Ti” 3:35
Ferreira Do Nascimento - “Macongo Me Chiquita” 3:50
David Zé - “Uma Amiga” 2:40
Jovens Do Prenda - “Farra Na Madrugada” 4:45
Os Korimbas - “Sémba Braguez” 4:20
Dimba Diangola - “Fuma” 4:08
Alliace Makiadi - “Passeio por Luanda” 3:50
Os Bongos - “Kazucuta” 3:20
Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo - “Eme Lelu” 5:02
Africa Ritmos - “Pica O Dedo” 4:00
Africa Show - “Massanga Mama” 5:35

I think this is the 4th various artist compilation put out by the fabulous and groovy Analog Africa and their 9th release overall. This duly arrived in my mail box a couple of weeks back and today is the first time I have really spent any time on it. The stuff from Angola doesn't have the instant impact on me like a lot of the Ghanaian  and Nigerian Afro funk from the earlier compilations and although still very funky, this particular blend of Afro-centric grooves is a bit more traditional sounding. During the day I was thinking that this stuff doesn't appeal to me quite as much and 76 minutes of it gets a bit overwhelming. But revisiting it again tonight it surprises how much these tunes are growing on me already and it appears Analog Africa hasn't let the side down at all on this great compilation.  Jovens Do Prenda's - “Ilha Virgem” is just a stunningly beautiful instrumental and Santos Júnior's- “N´Gui Banza Mama” is another stand out for me with its relentless polyrhythms and wonderful guitars. Many of the names, like  Os Korimbas, Os Bongos and David Zé, give away the indebtedness to Latin America for the grooves contained herein. Another essential compilation of African music which will rock my world for many many years to come as these wonderful songs osmosis into my subconscious and become classics.. Rating 5/5. 

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