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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Decemberists - The King Is Dead (USA 2011)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day

Quite possibly album of the year, or last year as the case may be. Was Lucky enough to pick up on the most wonderful "Down By The Water" which was on one of the Uncut CD's I picked up at my local second Hand CD emporium earlier this year. The aforementioned track impressed so much that I knew I had to get this CD and after downloading a copy for evaluation and being wowed by the excellent Americana influenced indie pop contained herein, I started to keep an eye out for it in the local shops. Unfortunately, the only copy I saw was an overpriced import at the aforementioned CD emporium, so from Amazon did my copy duly come.
This is just one of those totally wonderful albums just chock full of great catchy numbers that  never grow stale after many many listens, great pop music with a real country tang to it. Colin Meloy is an excellent songwriter and has a great singing voice too, even my 81 year old Mother-in-Law was impressed with him, which also means that this is "Nice" music and unlikely to offend any one. I believe this went to No.1 on the American music Charts, if so, it's great to see such great music at the top for a change. A highly recommended album and gets a Roddus rating of 5/5.

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