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Friday, September 21, 2012

Whiskeytown - Rural Free Delivery (USA 1997)

Uncle Roddus Album of the Day

1. Take Your Guns to Town (2:29)
2. Nervous Breakdown (2:19)
3. Tennessee Square (2:49)
4. Captain Smith (2:10)
5. Macon, Georgia County Line (2:29)
6. Pawn Shop Ain't No Place for a Wedding Ring (4:33)
7. Oklahoma (2:55)
8. Angels Are Messengers from God (4:06)

I really dig Whiskeytown and this sort of stop gap EP/Album is just as good as the three proper albums they released, although pretty hard to get your hands on nowadays, which is why I don't have it on CD. A bunch of great country tinged rockers, with elements of bluegrass, country ballads and good rockin numbers some time reminiscent of mid period Violent  Femmes(see "Captain Smith")on the more up-tempo numbers. The wonderful "Angels Are Messengers from God " is a classic and one I am most familiar with from this set and the fact that it is a slightly different version of "Faithless Street" from the first album, "Oklahoma is a very cool slab of cow punk. Not a weak moment here on this awesome set of Americana which really kicks ass in an Alt Country way. Rating 5/5.

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