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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters - Marvellous Year (New Zealand 2009)

Uncle Roddus Album Of The Day.

1. The Switch (4:29)
2. Bad Blood (5:41)
3. Not Ready (4:13)
4. You're The Song (4:20)
5. Everything's Broken; Life's So Sweet (3:57)
6. 18th Day (6:16)
7. Marvellous Year (4:41)
8. Radio Programmer (3:32)
9. C2006P1 (Make Yourself at Home) (3:04)
10.Bathe In The River (5:20)
11.Theme From "The COlossus of Roadies" (2:41)

Dons last album completes the Don McGlashan week and this set is the usual fare from the man, which means lovely quaint indie pop songs with stories. This one rocks out a little more than the last one in places with a nice Pink Floydish guitar flourish on "18th Day" which I quite enjoyed. Another consistent album of quality music, although nothing that stands out above the rest. Rating 3.5/5.

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