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Monday, September 10, 2012

Smallstone - Smallstone (USA 2000)

Uncle Roddus Album of The Day

I thought I might have another go at doing daily album reviews and use that as an excuse to actually listen to the backlog of CDs I have purchased but not yet given much attention. Some CDs just don't inspire me to actually give them too much attention soon after I buy them and this one kinda falls into that category. Any one who actually reads anything I write on this blog may remember that I mentioned purchasing some CD bundles of cheap CDs from Bomp! records last year and I did start to review some of them back then but just got sidetracked with much better  music. This disc was one of those that arrived in those bundles.
This middle of the road indie rock outfit from the USA West Coast only put out this one album back in 2000  before consigning them selves to oblivion and relative obscurity. Can find very little info about  them on the web and after listening to this several times today there didn't seem much point to them carrying on.
The album is a short 30 odd minute set of melodic indie and power pop informed by 60s psych and pop. Has the occasional nice power riff and ok vocal melodies, but the songs sort of blur into each other and although not unpleasant, after several listens it all becomes pretty uninspiring and tiring. By morning tea I was starting to think about listening to something else. A well recorded album and well played but not something I would want to listen to too much again. Rating 2.5/5.

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