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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Martin Rev - Cheyenne (USA 1991)

Uncle Roddus lunchtime Album Review.

This one only had a short run on the iPod between morning tea and lunch, which is thankful, due to the fact that this lot doesn't really inspire me at all.
Another from the Bomp/Alive bundles I got in from the USA, this set is a solo effort from Suicide Man Rev, with this mostly uninteresting Electronica. Before I realised who he was I recognised some similarities to Suicide's music and also some stuff that sounds similar to the stuff The Orb have released . Purely instrumental tracks here with some touches of ambience here and there and overall not something I can really enjoy much at all, Not that I don't enjoy this type of music but this release doesn't offer much to impress.
Rating 2/5

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