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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC - Poison Arrow (UK 2002)

Uncle Roddus CD of the Week

So working through some of my existing CD collection and starting at the alphabetical start we have this cheap CD compilation I picked up some time back thinking I was actually buying their debut album "Lexicon Of love"(I had forgotten the title when I purchased this set) and so I was quite disappointed when I got it home and discovered it wasn't the aforementioned album that I had enjoyed so much all those years ago when I had it on vinyl. The two big hits that turned me on to this new wave romantic band when i was still a teenager open this set and although I still enjoy them, they haven't aged all that well and I am wondering now what it was that got me so excited about them back then."Lexicon..." was a strong album I remember and although I recognise some of the other songs on this compilation, there isn't much else here to inspire me to track down that album again. Funky well crafted pop songs with plenty of brass and string arrangements are the order of the day and frankly I have lost interest in this band. Rating 2/5.

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