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Friday, February 1, 2013

Joachim Kuhn - Cinemascope (Germany 1974)

What's Hot On The Uncle Roddus Stereo

1. Zoom - Part 1 Zoom - Part 2 (9:11)
2. One String More (8:16)
3. Vibrator (2:21)
4. Travelling - Part 1 Travelling - Part 2 (11:32)
5. Success (5:12)
6. Black Tears (5:23)

Another super obscure album from our friends over at Mutant Sounds from this rather prolific and long serving German Jazz dude. An album of quite serious fusion with tints of classical, funk and avant-garde to help make it more interesting and it certainly has captured my interest over the last several days. Plenty of great soloing from guitar, violin, (Jean Luc Ponty?) and keys. Reminds me a lot of Miles Davis and his Bitches Brews sessions. Only the seventies produced music as good as this of this genre and it is again a bit frustrating that I can't actually buy this on CD. Another highly recommended album and worth checking out on Mutant Sounds. Rating 4/5.

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