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Saturday, February 2, 2013

P.P. Zahl - Alle Turen Offen (Austria 1978)

Some More of What is hot on the Uncle Roddus Stereo

1. Meinen Kultivierten Bekannten (2:58)
2. Ninguneo (22:45)
3. Alle Turen Offen-Hinter der dunklen Seite des Mondes (4:23)
4. Alle Turen Offen-Zuruckgebombt (6:40)
5. Alle Turen Offen-Dynamos (4:33)
6. Alle Turen Offen-In Die Steinzeit (4:51)
7. Alle Turen Offen-Alle Turen Offen (4:47)

Last of the Mutant Sounds Blog posts that have really caught my attention of late, this one starts off rather mediocrely on side one with some pretty tame folk sounding Germanic and even Spanish sounding whimsy on track one and the long intro to the epic 22 minute "Ninguneo" until it picks up around the five minute mark to get  more proggy  and krautrocky with some good guitar breaks and plenty of adventure, tempo and style changes throughout its prodigious length which they don't quite pull off to the best effect but it makes for a taster of what is to follow on side two.
The five part title suit on the flip is what blew my mind when I first heard this the other day and I had to go back for a second listen to make sure it was a good as I first heard. And it was. The first track starts off sounding like some early 80s electro before going all jazzy and funky fusion and is very impressive. Things stay complex and proggy and wicked for the rest of the suit and if side one had risen to the lofty heights of the flip side, an awesome record this would have been indeed. Rating 3.5/5.

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